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Jizya - Fixed, annual amount

Fixed, annual amount, More zakat tax rate

Financial risk

Financial risk - General term for many, different types

General term for many, different types, Risk, Risk that interest rate s, Risk that foreign exchange rates, Risk that commodity prices, Function of the relative amount, Various types of risk


Acre - Unit of land area

Unit of land area, Square metres, Amount of land

Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter - Canny businesswoman

Canny businesswoman, Estate manager for the Trust, Generous patron of the Girl Guides, Avid lover of animals, Delicate child in the ill, Important author on the Warne list, Owner of a considerable amount, Meticulous photographer, Strong Unitarian, Successful businessman, Typical women, Aware art, Safe care, Irritated, Three days, Aware others, Angry America, Irritated, whole business, Pleased, flattered child, Interested branch of natural Science

Eastern span replacement of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge

Eastern span replacement of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge - U

U, Combination of the tensioned tendons, First ZPMC fabrication job with extraordinary requirements, Curved, elevated roadway, Elevated roadway, Glare, Free, new, white led lighting, Path, Complete conformance to SEE the criteria, Massive amount, New bridge, Place in late May, Successful, August, Place, Consistent, accurate level of design, Reasonable, Complete tower


Saponification - Process

Process, Amount of base

Taxation in the United States

Taxation in the United States - Taxable income

Taxable income, Percentage of taxable wages, Excise tax, Difference between the amount

Mass deficit

Mass deficit - Amount of mass

Amount of mass


Agar - Polysaccharide

Polysaccharide, Anionic polymer containing a small amount, Phycocolloid of most, ancient origin, First phycocolloid, Indigestible, many organisms, Clearer, firmer, stronger gelatin, Compatible, most, other polysaccharides with proteins

Vitamin A

Vitamin A - Group of unsaturated, nutritional, organic compounds

Group of unsaturated, nutritional, organic compounds, Generic term, Fat, soluble body stores, Excess amounts, Known risk factor for severe measles, Essential, mammalian eye development, Critical vision as an essential component, Available, preformed vitamin A in western countries, Top one causes of preventable blindness, Rare United States


Irrigation - Application of controlled amounts

Application of controlled amounts, Oldest form of irrigation, Technology

Critical mass

Critical mass - Smallest amount of fissile material

Smallest amount of fissile material, Mass of fissile material

Option time value

Option time value - Amount

Amount, Difference between option value

Genome size

Genome size - Total amount of DNA

Total amount of DNA

Kilowatt hour

Kilowatt hour - Amount of energy equivalent

Amount of energy equivalent, One thousand watts, 3, Product of power

University of Alabama

University of Alabama - Frontier state

Frontier state, Sizable amount


Food - Substance

Substance, Part of popular culture, Total amount of food, Access, Person, Recipients, Gluten, Corn

Field ration

Field ration - Shelf

Shelf, Cold food ration, Amount of food, III garrison troops within Germany, Cold food ration

Marchioness disaster

Marchioness disaster - Open boat from the small amount

Open boat from the small amount


Urea - Soluble water

Soluble water, Measure of the amount, Incomplete product

Llangollen Railway

Llangollen Railway - Gifted, significant amounts of track

Gifted, significant amounts of track, Popular place for tourists, Located Area of outstanding, Natural Beauty

Thermal power station

Thermal power station - Power plant

Power plant, 60 Hz across North America, Amount of work


Pasta - Simple dish

Simple dish, Carbohydrates with moderate amounts, Integrant part of Wherever Italians, Ubiquitous individuals, Part of Italian, European cuisine, Widespread Southern Cone of the most rest, Popular army, Popular Italy

Basal metabolic rate

Basal metabolic rate - Minimal rate of energy expenditure

Minimal rate of energy expenditure, Amount of energy, Important, basal, metabolic rate

History of the Soviet Union (1982–91)

History of the Soviet Union (1982–91) - Disturbing tendency to mythologize the late, Soviet period

Disturbing tendency to mythologize the late, Soviet period, Limited amount of suitable land, Fortunate time, Soviet Union, Outraged aggression against an Islamic people

Sand casting

Sand casting - Versatile process

Versatile process, Silica sand with a small amount, Mixture of orthosilicate s, Solid solution of spinel s

University of Wolverhampton

University of Wolverhampton - Highest amount for a new university for 905 million

Highest amount for a new university for 905 million, Provincial one three centres

Frequency modulation synthesis

Frequency modulation synthesis - Basis of several, musical instruments

Basis of several, musical instruments, Program, Amount, 100 Hz

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol - American artist

American artist, Director, Early adopter of the silk screen printmaking process, Accomplished photographer took an enormous amount, Avid collector, Gay


Salinity - Saltiness

Saltiness, Amount, Important factor, Quantity, SI unit of concentration, Salinity variable, Ecological factor of considerable importance


Calorie - First, only unit

First, only unit, Unit, Amount of energy, Energy unit, 4


Humidity - Amount of water vapor

Amount of water vapor, Water content of air, Ratio of the mass, Mass of the water vapor, Concentration by mass, Water vapor density, High droplets, Probalby, second, popular factor

Ecosystem diversity

Ecosystem diversity - Type of biodiversity

Type of biodiversity, Largest scale of biodiversity, Amount of variation, Number, Abundance, Ability of an ecosystem, Collection of organisms

The Anarchy

The Anarchy - Civil war in England

Civil war in England, Succession crisis, Lavish event, Large amount

Water pollution

Water pollution - Contamination of water bodies

Contamination of water bodies, Single, largest cause of sickness, Major, global problem, Cumulative effect of small amounts


Pressure - Force applied to the perpendicular surface

Force applied to the perpendicular surface, Scalar quantity, Scalar proportionality constant, Vector quantity, Depth, Dependent volume, Legitimate component of fluid dynamics, Amount of force, Vector quantity, Compressive stress at some point, Pressure, Fluid, Pressure of a vapour

Earthbag construction

Earthbag construction - Inexpensive method using local soil

Inexpensive method using local soil, Varied family of techniques, Versatile, natural one building methods, Unique, other building technologies, 38 cm, Thick, large amount


Tagatose - Functional sweetener

Functional sweetener, Natural sweetener in present, small amounts, White, crystalline powder with a molecular formula

Interest rate

Interest rate - Amount of interest

Amount of interest, Rate over a period, Zero case, Vital tool of monetary policy


Poison - Stealth killer in effective, minuscule amounts

Stealth killer in effective, minuscule amounts, Weapon, Dose


Price - Amount

Amount, Producer, Use of mathematical analysis

Clay minerals

Clay minerals - Hydrous aluminium phyllosilicates with variable amounts

Hydrous aluminium phyllosilicates with variable amounts, Product of the reaction


Anemia - Decrease in the total amount

Decrease in the total amount, Common blood disorder, Hereditary disorder, Defect, Common, worldwide problem, Common type of anemia

Lyari River

Lyari River - 50 kilometres

50 kilometre s, Main contributor to estimated an amount


Hypertrichosis - Abnormal amount of hair growth

Abnormal amount of hair growth, Localized increase in hair density, Present birth, Uncommon treatment with topical minoxidil, Noticeable birth with the infant

Exercise intensity

Exercise intensity - Amount of physical power

Amount of physical power


Lincolnshire - County

County, Home, Woolsthorpe Manor, Rural area, One racecourse, Agricultural area growing large amounts, Traditional, English folk song, Unusual composition, Front doors, Minor county

Heat capacity

Heat capacity - Extensive property of matter

Extensive property of matter, Heat capacity per unit amount, Amount of heat, Intensive quantities for this reason

Collect Pond

Collect Pond - Home

Home, Copious amount

The Negro Family: The Case For National Action

The Negro Family: The Case For National Action - Individuals

Individuals, Poor feed, Questions, Certain amount of local history, Poverty feeding


Limestone - Sedimentary rock

Sedimentary rock, Parent material of Mollisol soil group, Calcium carbonate with minor amounts, Popular building block in the Middle Ages, Soluble acid, Common architecture in Europe, Resistant, most, igneous rocks than resistant, most, other, sedimentary rock s, Popular, late, 19th, early, 20th centuries, Riddled caves

Tigray Region

Tigray Region - Northernmost nine regions of Ethiopia

Northernmost nine regions of Ethiopia, 6th, largest area, Richest one areas in Ethiopia, Homeland of the Tigrayans, Country achieved a fair amount


Salary - Form of periodic payment

Form of periodic payment, Fixed amount of money

Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation - Form of debt refinancing

Form of debt refinancing, Amount of money, Consumer debt of the adults


Calabarzon - 12th, largest region in the Philippines

12th, largest region in the Philippines, Home, Sizable amount, Multitude

Dust storm

Dust storm - One type of aerosol

One type of aerosol, Result of large amounts, Ecological, human disaster, Right

Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. 3 - Brilliant game combining a massive amount

Brilliant game combining a massive amount

Audio normalization

Audio normalization - Application of a constant amount

Application of a constant amount, Automated process, One functions


Overtime - Amount of time someone

Amount of time someone

Attention span

Attention span - Amount of concentrated time

Amount of concentrated time

Therapeutic index

Therapeutic index - Comparison of the amount

Comparison of the amount

Web traffic

Web traffic - Amount of data

Amount of data, Measurement of the behavior

Reserve requirement

Reserve requirement - Amount of funds

Amount of funds

Credit score in the United States

Credit score in the United States - Amount

Amount, Trademark of Equifax

Thermodynamic free energy

Thermodynamic free energy - Amount of work

Amount of work, Internal energy of a system, Generalization of free energy, Legendre transformation s of the internal energy


ActiveSync - Mobile data synchronization app

Mobile data synchronization app, Efficient protocol minimizes the amount

Leverage (finance)

Leverage (finance) - Total, notional amount of assets

Total, notional amount of assets, Unavoidable attribute of futures contracts, Total assets, Volatility of equity

Capital intensity

Capital intensity - Amount


Capital requirement

Capital requirement - Amount of capital

Amount of capital

Noise reduction coefficient

Noise reduction coefficient - Scalar representation of the amount

Scalar representation of the amount


Salival - Second, final, official Tool release to feature a substantial amount

Second, final, official Tool release to feature a substantial amount

Energy density

Energy density - Amount of energy

Amount of energy

Liang Po Po: The Movie

Liang Po Po: The Movie - Successful bank reported a bigger amount

Successful bank reported a bigger amount

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy - Thanks

Thanks, Enormous amount

Radiant intensity

Radiant intensity - Distinct irradiance

Distinct irradiance, Amount of energy

Residence time (fluid dynamics)

Residence time (fluid dynamics) - Average amount of time

Average amount of time

Adequate stimulus

Adequate stimulus - Property of a sensory receptor

Property of a sensory receptor, Amount, Type

Column inch

Column inch - Standard measurement of the amount

Standard measurement of the amount, Unit of space


Photosensitivity - Amount


Bad debt

Bad debt - Monetary amount owed to a creditor

Monetary amount owed to a creditor

British thermal unit

British thermal unit - Amount of heat

Amount of heat

Surface power density

Surface power density - Rate of energy transfer

Rate of energy transfer, Time rate of energy transfer, Amount of power


Evapotranspiration - Important part of the water cycle

Important part of the water cycle, Key indicator for water management, Measurement of the total amount, Significant water loss from drainage basin s, Greater, actual precipitation, Higher summer on less, cloudy days, Higher, windy days

Million service units

Million service units - Measurement of the amount

Measurement of the amount

Orbital period

Orbital period - Time given a astronomical object

Time given a astronomical object, Amount of time


Depreciation - Method of allocation

Method of allocation, Amount of value, Loss, Provision for depreciation account

Contribution margin

Contribution margin - Revenue

Revenue, Percentage of contribution, Amount, Unit sale, One factors, Different, gross margin

Rumaila oil field

Rumaila oil field - Giant oil field in located Southern Iraq

Giant oil field in located Southern Iraq, Brownfield development with a huge amount, Critical 1990 Gulf War, Reservoired, clastic sandstone

Gift tax in the United States

Gift tax in the United States - Tax

Tax, Backstop, United States estate tax, Proud partner with the National Center, Price, Total amount of applicable exclusion, Addition, Wealthiest citizens, Effect with Australia

Andrea Gabrieli

Andrea Gabrieli - Italian composer

Italian composer, Organist, Prolific, versatile composer wrote a large amount

Secchi disk

Secchi disk - Plain, white disk

Plain, white disk, Measure of the amount, 30cm diameter, Plain, white disk

Salary cap

Salary cap - Key component of the negotiation

Key component of the negotiation, Minimum amount, Common, other leagues