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Early 2000s recession

Early 2000s recession - Decline in economic activity

Decline in economic activity

Value chain

Value chain - Set of activities

Set of activities, Helpful tool, Things customers


Tours - Site of the episcopal activity

Site of the episcopal activity, Located two rivers

Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park

Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park - California state park in located Napa County

California state park in located Napa County, Center of social activity, Open Monday holidays of July


Silao - Center of agricultural, industrial activity

Center of agricultural, industrial activity, Located, Mexican state of Guanajuato

Services marketing

Services marketing - Specialised branch of marketing

Specialised branch of marketing, Intangible, economic activities, Distinct group


Symposium - Male, aristocratic activity choreographed a social gathering

Male, aristocratic activity choreographed a social gathering

Strength training

Strength training - Type of physical exercise

Type of physical exercise, Anaerobic activity Although some proponents, Form of exercise


Carny - 1980 movie

1980 movie, Psychedelic blues band from Austin, Beehive of activity

Club (organization)

Club (organization) - Association of more two people

Association of more two people, Activities

Marching band

Marching band - Variation on show bands

Variation on show bands, Wrong foot for instance, Extracurricular activity while vocal music, High priority, Desperate need of a new market

Israeli folk dancing

Israeli folk dancing - Form of dance

Form of dance, Popular, recreational activity in Israel, Unique phenomenon of contemporary folklore


Shark - Cosmopolitan species

Cosmopolitan species, Status symbol in Asian countries, Minor activity in China, Capable speed bursts, Responsible attacks on humans, 420 million years from old, early, Silurian deposits, Early, Devonian deposits about 400 million years, Leonodus, Valuable shark products

Water resource management

Water resource management - Activity of planning

Activity of planning, Essential resource for all life

Protein folding

Protein folding - Essential part

Essential part, Necessary activity of proteins, Process, Different, other chaperones in that Hsp90

Wellingborough School

Wellingborough School - Compulsory activity for all S9 pupils

Compulsory activity for all S9 pupils

Hook echo

Hook echo - Reflection of the movement

Reflection of the movement, Reliable indicator of tornadic activity, Obvious


Walking - Sport

Sport, Physical activity, Sport

Tree climbing

Tree climbing - Recreational, functional activity

Recreational, functional activity

Lado Enclave

Lado Enclave - Exclave of the Congo Free State

Exclave of the Congo Free State, Area of seismological activity, Largest town in the Enclave

Postage stamp design

Postage stamp design - Activity of graphic design

Activity of graphic design


Philadelphia - Economic, cultural anchor of the Delaware Valley

Economic, cultural anchor of the Delaware Valley, Center of economic activity, Birthplace of the United States Marine Corps, Only world Heritage City in the United States, Home, Significant, gay, lesbian population, Many, national, Historical sites, Landmark eatery, Home city of the Philadelphia Spinners, Philadelphia Big, Federal United States District Court, Largest landlord in Pennsylvania, Home, Large, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Chinese communities, Home of the largest one Lutheran communities, Home of the Philadelphia Union, Court of special jurisdiction, Eighth, largest school district in the United States, Busiest airport in the world in 2013, Second, busiest Greyhound terminal in the United States in 2006

Georgia (country)

Georgia (country) - Country in the Caucasus region

Country in the Caucasus region, Member of the United Nations, Young, unstable, geologic region with high, seismic activity, Home, Significant, ethnic, German communities


Livigno - Town

Town, Comune, Rich area, Main activities, Farming village until 1970s, Traditional, cultural village, Home in 2015, European Freeride Festival, Few, Italian two villages, Sea level

Return of the Jedi

Return of the Jedi - Angry beeps

Angry beeps, Blue streak, Hurricane of activity, Ewok named Wicket, Quiet


Catanzaro - Urban centre with much activity

Urban centre with much activity, Last city in Calabria in 1069

Maunder Minimum

Maunder Minimum - Prolonged episode of low, solar activity

Prolonged episode of low, solar activity, Representative of grand minima


Bird - Recreational activity

Recreational activity, Rare, Mesozoic fossil record until the wealth

Fish farming

Fish farming - Age

Age, Old activity, Organic pollutant, Short supply in many parts


Rodel - Burial place

Burial place, Hive of activity

Business ethics

Business ethics - Form

Form, Huge field, Game, Activity, Part of the philosophy, Rules, Standards, View


Deer - Ruminant mammal

Ruminant mammal, Excellent jumpers, Swimmers, Browsers, Feed, Inhabitants of secondary forest lands, Moose, Stag, Popular activity in the U, Primary industry group, Principal, sacrificial animal for the Huichal Indians, Europe, Capable, cross breeding with wapiti, Abundant, exotic, ungulate Texas, Broad meaning

Racism in the United States

Racism in the United States - Theory

Theory, Number, Racial slavery, Moral context, Racial presumption, Appearance, Ghost, Major, economic activity in the U, Subject of the Pigford, Large, nationwide organization, Part of a religion, Vivid incidents of racial violence, Dead ghost, Wall

National Guard of the United States

National Guard of the United States - Joint activity of the United States Department

Joint activity of the United States Department, Combat Service support, Combat support, Oldest component of the United States, Dual control of the state, Part of the Selective Reserve Force, Communities of Sioux City

Physical exercise

Physical exercise - Bodily, physical activity

Bodily, physical activity, Safe majority of children


Music - Art form

Art form, Cultural activity, Music of Persia, Genre of popular music, Study of music, Important, integral part of education religious worship, Important part of social, cultural life

Road cycling

Road cycling - Widespread form of cycling

Widespread form of cycling, Activity


Nablus - Hub of Palestinian, nationalist activity in 1990s

Hub of Palestinian, nationalist activity in 1990s, Largest producer of cotton, Located Tel Aviv, Few one cities in the West Bank, Important one municipalities, Distinctive style

Cycle sport

Cycle sport - Competitive, physical activity using bicycles

Competitive, physical activity using bicycle s, Strongest, traditional road cycling countries as such Belgium

Green County, Kentucky

Green County, Kentucky - County in the located U

County in the located U, Prohibition, Dry county, Scene of frequent, military activity, 16th Kentucky county in order

York Mills

York Mills - Residential neighbourhood in Toronto

Residential neighbourhood in Toronto, Commercial activity


Hydromorphone - Good, common alternative

Good, common alternative, Morphine, Common synonym for dihydromorphione, Pure opioid agonist with the principal, therapeutic activity, Five times, Soluble water than morphine, Expensive, illicit market than heroin, Detectable blood screen for 24 hours, Opiate one painkillers, Potent, opioid, analgesic morphine, Available, parenteral, rectal, subcutaneous, oral formulations, Mutagenic, bacterial, reverse mutation assay, Clastogenic, human lymphocyte chromosome aberration assay

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur - Cultural, financial, economic centre of Malaysia the wider Klang Valley for finance

Cultural, financial, economic centre of Malaysia the wider Klang Valley for finance, Home, Parliament, Populous city in Malaysia, University, Hub for cultural activities, Small hamlet of a few houses, One three Federal Territories of Malaysia, One stages of the Tour, Major one ASEAN city with taxis, Forefront of the convergence, One destinations in the Amazing Race Asia, Literate English with a large proportion

Agricultural biodiversity

Agricultural biodiversity - Basis

Basis, Major theme for CBD, Result of human activity, Essential, global food production

The Society of the Spectacle

The Society of the Spectacle - Series

Series, Time of the world market, Permanent presence of this justification, Material reconstruction of the religious illusion, Specialized activity, Necessary product of technical development, Preservation of unconsciousness, Nothing than the more, common language, Map of this new world, Moment, Permanent opium war, Other side of money, Developed, modern complement of money, Money, Epic poem of this struggle, Ideology par excellence, Sacred truth profane, Real illusion, Spectacle, Struggle, First ruling class, Expression of economic underdevelopment, Expression of the irreversible time, Locus of history, Compromise between myth, Reality, Identifiable, mere gazing, Justified name of the grandeur, Process

100 Mile House

100 Mile House - Town

Town, District municipality, Centre for outdoor activities, Secwepemc


Dallas - County seat of Dallas County

County seat of Dallas County, Major destination for Mexican immigrants, Home of the other, major two malls, Evangelical two seminaries, Three Eastern Orthodox Christian churches, Seat of the Fifth Court, Home, Deep Ellum, Many enclaves of white, black, Hispanic residents, Private, coeducational University in the located Mountain Creek area, Home, 23,100 students, Hub for economic activity by 1900s, Real estate in 1980s, One 16 cities in the United States, Centrist, conservative Republicans, Members of the national Hockey league

Information retrieval

Information retrieval - Activity

Activity, Science, Research group within the information

Manned Maneuvering Unit

Manned Maneuvering Unit - Astronaut propulsion unit

Astronaut propulsion unit, Backpack propulsion device, Extravehicular activity of the independent, protective, supportive space suit


Grimsargh - Village

Village, Civil parish, Popular, thriving venue for public activities, Stop

Cow tipping

Cow tipping - Purported activity

Purported activity, Rigid, unresponding body


Honey - Sweet, viscous food substance

Sweet, viscous food substance, Supersaturated liquid containing more sugar, First, foremost sugar, Natural product, Matrix with a low nutrient concentration, Poor source of nitrogen, Result, Ancient activity, Acidic, Dark, brown color with a rich fragrance,

Pureland origami

Pureland origami - Style of Origami

Style of Origami, Unique activity

Tax evasion

Tax evasion - Illegal evasion of tax es

Illegal evasion of tax es, Activity

Tubing (recreation)

Tubing (recreation) - Recreational activity

Recreational activity, Summer variant of snow tubing


Cadastre - Fundamental source of data

Fundamental source of data, Public land information system with the aim, Field of activity, Important one institutions


Rehearsal - Activity

Activity, Last set of rehearsals

Gropecunt Lane

Gropecunt Lane - Obvious allusion

Obvious allusion, Sexual activity

Health education

Health education - Profession

Profession, Effective tool, Process, Combination of educational, organizational, environmental activities, Official tax, Funded government agencies

Ice climbing

Ice climbing - Activity

Activity, Frozen precipitation whereas water ice, One component of a route, Ascent involving ice climbing, Hollow tubes with sharp teeth

History of Mexico City

History of Mexico City - Untouched Revolution

Untouched Revolution, Hub of much, sustained, economic activity, Cultural, economic, industrial center for the nation


Prayer - Invocation

Invocation, Mindful activity, Plea, God, Necessary salvation

Philippine tarsier

Philippine tarsier - Shy, nervous, many activities

Shy, nervous, many activities, Peculiar, small animal, Solitary

Mount Bailey (Oregon)

Mount Bailey (Oregon) - Young tephra cone

Young tephra cone, Shield volcano, Popular destination for recreational activities, Popular hiking, Skiing site

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise - Activity


Saint Helena

Saint Helena - Member of the International Island Games Association

Member of the International Island Games Association, Volcanic island although volcanic activity, Egg Island, Online resource featuring the History, Website, Island, Collection of documents, 14 million years, Remote one islands in the world

Augustana College (Illinois)

Augustana College (Illinois) - Private, liberal arts college in Rock Island

Private, liberal arts college in Rock Island, Hub for social, recreational, extracurricular activities


Nmap - Open source tool for network exploration

Open source tool for network exploration, Integral part of academic activities, Second category


Singing - Act

Act, Oldest, musical activity, Beneficial, pregnant mothers, Sports, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Silliman College

Silliman College - Residential college at Yale University

Residential college at Yale University, Largest, vibrant college at Yale with alive, diverse activities


Constriction - Method

Method, Costly snakes, Costly, dangerous activity, 1

Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania

Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania - Focal Point of activity

Focal Point of activity, Part of the Pennsylvania State University system, 17th United States Congressional District, 29th Pennsylvania Senate District, 125th Pennsylvania House of Representatives District

Ice blocking

Ice blocking - Recreational activity

Recreational activity, Popular night time activity at Hillcrest Park, Popular Adelaide

Lake McDonald

Lake McDonald - Largest lake in Glacier National Park

Largest lake in Glacier National Park, 10 miles over a mile, Popular destination in Glacier National Park, Home, Numerous, native species, Hub of activity

Moot court

Moot court - Extracurricular activity at many law schools

Extracurricular activity at many law school s, 2009 Internationaleffort across boundaries

Operations management

Operations management - Area of management

Area of management, Major one functions in an organization, Important service operations since empty seats, Major part of economic activity

Central America

Central America - Part of the Mesoamerica n biodiversity hotspot

Part of the Mesoamerica n biodiversity hotspot, Continent, Subcontinent, Only source of seismic activity, Political, parliamentary body of SICA, Active, volcanic eruptions, Located north, Ecoregion of the tropical, subtropical, moist broadleaf forests

United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean

United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean - Selective, subjective narrative

Selective, subjective narrative, Time, Dramatic, UNEP, Activity, Sort, Latin, American matter of honour, Foreign world


Incest - Sexual activity between family members

Sexual activity between family members, Underreported rainn offers support while 1


Storytelling - Social, cultural activity

Social, cultural activity, Way to teach younger members, Storytelling of the people, Story spoken to an audience, Important way, Useful conflict management, Useful dialogue processes

Energy development

Energy development - Field of activities

Field of activities, Alternative, complementary process, Energy development, Thermal energy, Current, solar isolation from fossil remains, Concern of energy development

River Lark

River Lark - River in England

River in England, Important focus for prehistoric activity

Selly Oak

Selly Oak - Industrial, residential area in southwest Birmingham

Industrial, residential area in southwest Birmingham, Centre of activity, Corner of the Bristol Road

Public sex

Public sex - Sexual activity

Sexual activity


Externality - Economic activity

Economic activity, Positive effect


Inositol - Sugar alcohol

Sugar alcohol, Natural constituent possessing moderate, anticancer activity, Essential nutrient, Versatile, common molecules with important roles


Sculpture - Branch of the visual arts

Branch of the visual arts, Important form of public art, Ancient activity, Form of ephemeral sculpture


Aquaculture - Important, economic activity in China

Important, economic activity in China, Part of an environmental rehabilitation program, Responsible nutrient enrichment of the waters

Child sacrifice

Child sacrifice - Ritual

Ritual, Istic killing, Abortion, Everyday activity in Tenochtitlan


Tivaevae - Communal activity

Communal activity, Several women


Rajkot - Centre of the Saurashtra region

Centre of the Saurashtra region, 26th, largest city of India, Part of Kathiyawad, Home, Rajkumar College, First, private university, Administrative headquarters of the district, Headquarters of Muslim activities, Capital of the Saurashtra State the Saurashtra state, Home, Many personalities, Transition period, Multicultural, Popular one destination of Real estate investment, Located Gujarat state of India, Located, short distance from the city


Warminster - Scene of some activity

Scene of some activity, Location for a number, Area of fertile land