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Andean flamingo

Andean flamingo - Migratory bird with the ability

Migratory bird with the ability, Recent addition to endangered the species list, Rarest one flamingo s in the world

Ruth Etting

Ruth Etting - American singing star

American singing star, Actress, Consumate artist of tremendous, creative abilities, Popular one singing stars of the late 1920s

Philosophical skepticism

Philosophical skepticism - Philosophical school of thought

Philosophical school of thought, Single position covers a range, Ability to discover opposed arguments, Most part


Prudence - Ability to govern discipline oneself

Ability to govern discipline oneself

Absolute pitch

Absolute pitch - Act of cognition

Act of cognition, Ability to estimate a pitch value, Set of all pitches, Rare, European, musical culture, Dependent conditions

Autonomic computing

Autonomic computing - Ability


Information technology audit

Information technology audit - Analysis of the innovative abilities

Analysis of the innovative abilities


Seed - Embryonic plant

Embryonic plant, Process, Ability of the embryo, Measure of the quality, Same seed persistence in the soil, 0, Kapok, Typical, many Rosids

Template method pattern

Template method pattern - Base class with some special abilities

Base class with some special abilities

Color vision

Color vision - Ability of an organism

Ability of an organism, Convenient means, Important adaptation in birds, Dependent, evolutionary factors

The Domination

The Domination - Continental, naval power has no ability

Continental, naval power has no ability, Drakia, Bit after the larger, stronger annexation, War with a government, Gold standard with the basic unit, Ship, Draka annex


Language - Ability

Ability, Known, natural communication system, Dependent communities of speakers

Digital media

Digital media - Numerical, networked, interactive system of links

Numerical, networked, interactive system of links, Ability, Important topic because technology


Ileus - Disruption of the normal, propulsive ability

Disruption of the normal, propulsive ability, Common side effect of some types, Cause of colic

Praxis (process)

Praxis (process) - Process

Process, Ability to perform voluntary, skilled movements, Risky

Computer algebra system

Computer algebra system - Mathematical software with the ability

Mathematical software with the ability, FORMAC


Bilocation - Multilocation, alleged, psychic, miraculous ability

Multilocation, alleged, psychic, miraculous ability

Cenk Akyol

Cenk Akyol - Shooting guard with the ability

Shooting guard with the ability, Sound player, Regular, Turkish, national team player, Sound

Antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial resistance - Ability of a microbe

Ability of a microbe, Property of the microbe, Natural phenomenon, Rise with millions


Bistability - Attribute of certain, optical devices

Attribute of certain, optical devices, Ability of a material

History of the United Kingdom during the First World War

History of the United Kingdom during the First World War - Stupid, tragic, futile

Stupid, tragic, futile, Labour in Britain, Operational, late summer, Permanent destruction of ability, Inconclusive, nearby Royal Navy units, Party of freedom, Wholehearted, unanimous conscription, One procedure, Lloyd George


Thermoregulation - Ability of an organism

Ability of an organism

Jack jumper ant

Jack jumper ant - Host

Host, Parasite gregarines, Part of the Myrmecia pilosula species complex, Significant cause of major, insect allergies, Active day, Widespread whole of Victoria, Notorious Tasmania, Gamergate s having the ability, Single, common cause of anaphylaxis

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - Rewind

Rewind, Ability, Combination of acrobatic exploration, Trap, Janet Leigh, Heroine, Beautiful, Undaunted, Aware downside of the games business, Inspiring doubt, Ugly team, Minor switch at the start

Compounds of carbon

Compounds of carbon - Numerous, inorganic carbon compounds

Numerous, inorganic carbon compound s, Catenation as the ability, Unique elements in the vast number

George B. Selden

George B. Selden - Patent lawyer

Patent lawyer, Inventor, Tinkerer had a native, mechanical ability, Member of the bar, One events, Work

Apollo 8

Apollo 8 - First 8 opportunity to test the ability

First 8 opportunity to test the ability

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence - Ability



Reproducibility - Ability of an entire analysis

Ability of an entire analysis, Cornerstone of science, Common standard for scientific data, Huge concern, One component of the precision, Value

Maria Feodorovna (Dagmar of Denmark)

Maria Feodorovna (Dagmar of Denmark) - Few one people

Few one people, Popular, Kiev, Sociable, good dancer with an ability

Ecosystem diversity

Ecosystem diversity - Type of biodiversity

Type of biodiversity, Largest scale of biodiversity, Amount of variation, Number, Abundance, Ability of an ecosystem, Collection of organisms


Solitude - State of seclusion

State of seclusion, Voluntary retreat from the company, Ability to enjoy inward quietness, Prerequisite for creativity


Pyrokinesis - Purported, Psychic ability allowing a person

Purported, Psychic ability allowing a person

Configuration management

Configuration management - Process

Process, Ability, Record, Operational one processes, Aware server


Immortality - Eternal life

Eternal life, Ability, State of life

William James Sidis

William James Sidis - American child prodigy with exceptional, mathematical abilities

American child prodigy with exceptional, mathematical abilities

Image resolution

Image resolution - Detail

Detail, Image, Ability to resolve spectral features

Urinary retention

Urinary retention - Inability to empty the bladder

Inability to empty the bladder, Medical emergency requires prompt treatment, Disorder, Ability, Uncomfortable, painful

Edith Södergran

Edith Södergran - Keen photographer

Keen photographer, Intelligent pupil with the ability, Unhappy Nummela

Ernie Banks

Ernie Banks - Skinny teenager with natural ability

Skinny teenager with natural ability, Active Chicago community

Night vision

Night vision - Ability

Ability, Single, binocular, large diameter objective

Capillary action

Capillary action - Ability of a liquid

Ability of a liquid

James Basevi Ord

James Basevi Ord - Expert linguist possessed exceptional, artistic ability

Expert linguist possessed exceptional, artistic ability, United States Army lieutenant colonel, Home of the 5th Infantry Division


Survivability - Ability

Ability, Subset of resilience, Superset of fault tolerance, Dependent, effective integration of knowledge


Numeracy - Ability

Ability, Reason

John Fitzpatrick (mayor)

John Fitzpatrick (mayor) - Man of great ability

Man of great ability

Simon Girty

Simon Girty - Principal interpreter at the signing

Principal interpreter at the signing, Man of great ability, Pivotal figure, Early Virginia Frontiersmen, Present ritual, Few one individuals of that period, Few, prominent one people


Intuition - Ability to acquire knowledge

Ability to acquire knowledge, Opening of the mind

Logic analyzer

Logic analyzer - Electronic instrument

Electronic instrument, HP Model 1620A Pattern Analyzer, Expensive ability to combine multiple modules

Alexander McGillivray

Alexander McGillivray - Man of remarkable ability

Man of remarkable ability


Scalability - Capability of a system

Capability of a system, Ability to use the components, Key consideration for enterprises, Maximum number of processors, Different economies of scale


Egocentrism - Inability

Inability, Broader concept, Ability to orient to the needs, Dominant, early adolescence


Antitoxin - Antibody with the ability

Antibody with the ability, Protective antibody against Clostridium tetani


Soil - Mixture of minerals

Mixture of mineral s, Product of the influence, Result of evolution, Abundant ecosystem on Earth, Net sink of methane CH, Pure water contains hundreds, Function of many soil, Ability of soil, Ped, Mass, First impression, Common mineral source of phosphorus, Group of soils, Critical component in the mining, Particular form of soil erosion, Accumulation of free salt s, High clay, 2, Less soil particle density, Important survival, Beneficial case of alkaline soils, Distinct, wet, cool climates, Sufficient, optimal plant growth, Quartz, SiO Calcite

Thermal mass

Thermal mass - Ability of a material

Ability of a material, Appropriate climates with a large, diurnal temperature range


Dysgraphia - Deficiency in the ability

Deficiency in the ability, Transcription disability, Hard disorder, Familiar term, Learning disability, Processing disorder, Difficulties, Disability

Shriek (comics)

Shriek (comics) - Fictional character

Fictional character, Supervillain ess, Dangerous, insane villainess with the ability

Plausible deniability

Plausible deniability - Ability of people

Ability of people

X-Men vs. Street Fighter

X-Men vs. Street Fighter - Ability

Ability, Tag, Solid

Active structure

Active structure - Mechanical structure with the ability

Mechanical structure with the ability


Aptitude - Component of a competence

Component of a competence, Inborn potential to do certain kinds, Ability, Source of frustration

IP traceback

IP traceback - Name given to any method

Name given to any method, Critical ability

Team management

Team management - Ability of an individual organization

Ability of an individual organization, Capability to identify problems

Tractor beam

Tractor beam - Device with the ability

Device with the ability

Compliance (physiology)

Compliance (physiology) - Ability of a hollow organ

Ability of a hollow organ, 30 times than larger, arterial compliance, Index of the elasticity, Important, cardiovascular risk factor

Information access

Information access - Freedom

Freedom, Ability

Extraterritorial jurisdiction

Extraterritorial jurisdiction - Legal ability of a government

Legal ability of a government

Hard power

Hard power - Use of military, economic Means

Use of military, economic Means, Ability, Important war on terrorism

Administrative resource

Administrative resource - Ability of political candidates

Ability of political candidate s, One part

Muscle fatigue

Muscle fatigue - Decline in ability

Decline in ability


Assertiveness - Ability

Ability, People


Capacitance - Ability of a body

Ability of a body, Function of the geometry

Fire-control radar

Fire-control radar - Ability of the radar

Ability of the radar

LL parser

LL parser - Deterministic, pushdown automaton with the ability

Deterministic, pushdown automaton with the ability, Feasible, unlimited lookahead

Brainiac (comics)

Brainiac (comics) - Fictional supervillain

Fictional supervillain, 5 descendant, Boss fight, Unlockable character, Scientist with no superhuman abilities, Boss in the 1992 Sunsoft game Superman

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne - Ability

Ability, Weird

Phonemic awareness

Phonemic awareness - Subset of phonological awareness

Subset of phonological awareness, Basis, Ability

Data independence

Data independence - Type of data transparency

Type of data transparency, Ability to modify the physical, logical schema, Present, most databases


Stereognosis - Ability

Ability, Higher, cerebral, associative, cortical function


Dyscalculia - Difficulty

Difficulty, Disorder in mathematical abilities


Awareness - Ability

Ability, Relative concept, Knowledge of something, Particular interest

Norman Macrae

Norman Macrae - Angry, American industry

Angry, American industry, Punctilious student of statistics, Journalist with an unrivalled ability, Aware, first, industrial revolution

Electrical mobility

Electrical mobility - Ability


Enterprise information integration

Enterprise information integration - Ability to support a unified view

Ability to support a unified view

Blood (video game)

Blood (video game) - Single player game features the ability

Single player game features the ability, Best Build engine games after Duke Nukem 3D, First, first one person shooter games, Development at 3D Realms

Drusilla (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Drusilla (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - Seer with minor, psychic abilities

Seer with minor, psychic abilities

Neuronal galvanotropism

Neuronal galvanotropism - Ability to direct the outgrowth

Ability to direct the outgrowth


Efficiency - Ability

Ability, Measurable concept


Computability - Ability to solve a problem

Ability to solve a problem

Reserve power

Reserve power - Ability


Intellectual giftedness

Intellectual giftedness - Intellectual ability than higher average

Intellectual ability than higher average

DNA paternity testing

DNA paternity testing - Use of DNA profiling

Use of DNA profiling, Reliable standard, Older methods, Advanced, accurate technology to determine parentage, Ability to establish the biological father, Admissible collection, Common maternity tests, Much, faster RFLP