World War I Victory Medal (United States) - Service Medal of the United States

The World War I Victory Medal is a service Medal of the United States, bears the clasps of the battles. The United States Army published orders authorizing the World War I Victory Medal. The Navy had a late start, due production issues, followed in June of that same year. The Army issued following the service clasps, Navy Service Clasps The U, started issuing Victory Medals on June. The Citation Star was redesigned renamed the Silver star Medal upon application in 1932, was established as a result of an Act. Battles are shown on the bar clasps, designated as battles. Navy Battle Clasps Navy battle clasps were issued for naval service in support. The Defensive Sector Clasp was authorized for Navy personnel. The reverse is the inscription, the GREAT War, has the inscription for gallantry. The pendant is suspended from a rectangular, shaped metal loop.

Service Medal of the United States