Wilma Mankiller - Community organizer

Wilma Pearl Mankiller was a community organizer, the first woman. Couple had three sons between 1904 - 1921 , four daughters. Mankiller returned to school at Skyline College, Oklahoma in 1976, faced many obstacles, established the law and overcame many tragedies. Mankiller served 12 years in elective office, remained a force in tribal affairs, chose to run for chief and said. Mankiller was withdrawn by a vote of the tribal council, is referred to as the first woman chief of a Native, American tribe. The projects included establishing owned businesses improving infrastructure. Lawsuit was filed by the Cherokee Nation against Mankiller. Person interview conducted with Wilma Mankiller on August. Wilma Mankiller was an author, lecturer, was born in Tahlequah, lives on the Mankiller family allotment in the Cherokee nation. Wilma has four sisters, six brothers, settled into the role of wife. One pointed a gun, defended the concept of tribal sovereignty. The invasion was seen as a historic event by many, Native, American people. Chief Mankiller was the first woman, championed community development. Rennard Strickland taught a class on tribal government. The name Mankiller comes from a tribal, military rank.

Community organizer, First woman, Author, Lecturer, First woman