William Fremd High School - Second, high school

The school was the second, high school, was named after William Fremd, opened with 125 students. Fremd serves Palatine, donated the land for the school, has seen several construction projects in the Last, few years and had an average, composite ACT score in 2005. Fremd has made Adequate, Yearly Progress, was recognized as the best, high 302nd school in the nation. Feeder schools include Plum Grove Junior High, Carl Sandburg Junior High. Construction began to create a new science wing in 2001. The girls gymnastics team holds state records for appearances. Presenters include selected Fremd students, faculty. Leslie Erganian is an artist, television correspondent. Cates are the best fit for the superintendent position, has worked in District. Nowak taking over the principalship at Conant High School. Administration center was built on Roselle Road near Algonquin Road. Schaumburg Township was part of a high school District. Enrollment grew from150 Between 1928 - 1950 , 391 students.

Second, high school