William Bartram - American naturalist

William Bartram was an American naturalist, published an Account. The Bartram made many drawings took notes, travelled to Augusta explored the area, joined the survey party and kept to the west bank, Indian shore. The Bartram met the School teacher Alexander Wilson in 1802, loved Florida, resolved to attend that meeting and accompanied surveying the party. The Bartram has been characterized as a recluse, worked as a draftsman for the surveyor William deBrahm. The Conference ended on June with the 3 1773 treaty. Days Bartram landed at the plantation of Francis Philip Fatio. Summer Bartram made another excursion, Alachua Savannah. The Cherokee chiefs agreed to give up a huge tract of land. Creek elders were persuaded to sign the treaty, young warriors. The BTC seeks to encourage the study, preservation. School children were participated in educational activities on Friday. The Sunday afternoon symposium was attended despite the continued rain.

American naturalist