White Station High School is a public, high school in Memphis, has had the National Merit scholarship semifinalists of any school. White Station High is a member of the Shelby County Schools system, made Adequate, Yearly Progress. White Station is an Optional school, has 7 National Board, Certified teachers, contains an extensive theatre program including troupe 1581. The Spartans are ranked among the top, high twenty school basketball teams by USA Today. The boys tennis team won the 2011 district championship advanced one player. The football team is ranked among the top performers in Tennessee. Activities include elected an student council, Jazz Ensemble. The White Station Quiz Bowl Team is in the best Memphis Area with Houston High Quiz Bowl team. Students produce spoken signed morning announcements, staff the school newspaper, the yearbook. The bands have gotten superior, excellent ratings in the past 6 years, were led by Mr. The choir program was run by Amon Eady in 2013 Nikisha Williams. The school known as Albert Pike High School, served through eighth grades during this time. The White Station mascot was a bulldog, the school newspaper. Colors were in use by Memphis Catholic High School. The Freshman Academy was completed in the summer of the old 2011 South Annex. Jim has been forecasting the weather in Memphis, accepted the position of host.

Public, high school in Memphis, Member of the Shelby County Schools system, Optional school, Best Memphis Area with Houston High Quiz Bowl team, Bulldog, School newspaper