Westlake Boys High School - West of Lake Pupuke

The school has a number, holds drama productions, caters for form and is at the west of Lake Pupuke. Westlake Boys High School is a state, secondary school, has built a tradition. Westlake Boys Deputy Headmaster David Ferguson took on the role of Headmaster. Westlake Boys introduced a house system at the end. Academic pathways Westlake Boys High School offers academic two pathways for students. Music performing arts, the teaching, is a unique form of communication. The music programme covers performance, composition. Computing courses include aspects of the following. Art encourages personal expression, imagination, is concerned with the development of visual perception. Scientific progress comes from logical, systematic work from creative insight. The arts are among the oldest, important means for humans. Option music is for suitable boys, runs for the whole of year. Class are a full year enrichment version of Option music, is than advanced Core Music. The idea is to bring a reliability, Wikipedia outlinks.

West of Lake Pupuke, State, Secondary school