Waihi - Town in Hauraki District

Waihi is a town in Hauraki District, was a major centre of union unrest, is in the located Coromandel district. The town is at the foot of the Coromandel Peninsula. The township grew around the mining operations since the discovery. Mining remains the major employer in the area thanks, stopped in after a 1952 total of 160 km, resumed with some protests. The railway continues to operate today as Goldfields Railway. Tent cities were established on the Northern end of Waihi. The operation to move the Cornish Pumphouse, a site. Properties had to be condemned roads as such Brickfield Road in 1990s. Appliance industry was deregulated in New Zealand in the 1980s Waihi. Education Waihi College is a secondary school with a decile rating. Waihi Central School is a full, primary school with a decile rating. Street names include Amaranth Street, Montrose Road. The renumbering project affected 143 Waihi properties, 650 Waihi residents. Pumps were used to dewater the mine after 1913, the pumphose. Investigations reached the conclusion that the only way. Mining companies have welcomed the stocktake say mitigation work.

Town in Hauraki District, Secondary school with a decile rating, Full, primary school with a decile rating, Major centre of union unrest, Located Coromandel district