Vince Cable - British politician

Cable attended Nunthorpe Grammar School, was made Honorary Professor of Economics in 2016, suggests using land value tax for example and thinks Brexit. Cable supports the continuation of the Liberal Democrat policy, was the second politician, is a Patron of MyBigCareer and worked for the oil company Royal Dutch Shell. Cable contributed to in the Liberal, did resign, has been over the vocal bonus Culture in the banking system and has been of the critical National. The fees Office refused the request informing Cable. The Democrats entered a coalition agreement with the Conservative Party. The sale is being investigated by the Committees on arms Export Controls. Olympia Cable was diagnosed with breast cancer after the general 1987 election, died after the general 2001 election. Vince Cable has had a face like a wet weekend, was knighted in the 2015 Dissolution Honours List, has resigned as Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats. Vince worked as special advisor on Economic Affairs.

British politician, Patron of MyBigCareer, Second politician