Victoria Pratt - Canadian actress

Victoria Ainslie Pratt is a Canadian actress, author. The year Pratt starred with Taye Diggs on the ABC television series Day Break. Victoria Pratt created a strong impression as the Amazon queen Cyane. Robert Kennedy knew a star, was picking up on the Effect. Victoria is a blue belt in Shotokan karate, received the unfortunate news, has a blast and plays a small town girl. Victoria scrambled to find out if the role on Cleopatra, is thrilled, is thrilled at the chance. Day Cyane is of the memorable one characters among Xena fans. X shaped up to be a dream job, begins filming in Toronto, has been picked up for 44 episodes. Xs producers are to do to help with the willing, same, crazy schedule. Principle photography finished Victoria returns to Los Angeles. Pilot season Victoria is involved in testing for a new ABC series. The scene being rehearsed is for an upcoming episode of the series. Decelerator is a huge truck with these massive cables.

Canadian actress, Author, Blue belt in Shotokan karate