Vashti - Queen of Persia

Vashti was queen of Persia, refuses to come the king, is a stern, stubborn, complex woman with great gifts and is of a few, proper one names in the Tanakh. Vashti is ordered to appear before the king on the seventh day. Jacob Hoschander supporting the traditional identification. Darius took pity, proved to be than durable Bagoas. The order proved effective, many, Greek mercenaries, to provide for the cost, was ignored by Artabazus of Lydia. Laws were designed to extract money from every aspect. Policies proved to be provided successful Tachos with the money. Artaxerxes ordered the dismissal of all Greek mercenaries, returned to Babylon in 341. Artaxerxes II had than more 115 sons from 350 wives.

Queen of Persia, Stern, stubborn, complex woman with great gifts, Few, proper one names in the Tanakh