USS Humphreys (DD-236) - San Diego

Humphreys did surveying work, spent the next 2 years on ship, conducted shakedown off San Diego and sailed to Brisbane for repairs. Humphreys took part in the Cape Gloucester landings, landed troops at Humboldt Bay, recommissioned at Philadelphia and was in San Diego. Pacific landings was the underway ship escorted convoys. Joshua Humphreys was an influential, successful ship builder in the United States, was born in Haverford. United States was built by Humphreys in Philadelphia. Training landings Humphreys embarked elements of the 1st Cavalry Division. September recommissioned 14 1938 26 September, 1939 in the. War Humphreys became a shipbuilder in Philadelphia. Contacts are compiled from various sources over a long period.

San Diego, San Diego, Influential, successful ship builder in the United States