Tyra Banks - American television personality

Tyra Lynne Banks are an American television personality, producer. Banks replaced Nick Cannon as host in 2017, attended John Burroughs Middle School, signed a contract with CoverGirl cosmetics in 1993 and was the first, African, American woman on the covers. Banks are a contributor of the Vogue Italia website, the executive producer, former presenter, won the Daytime Emmy award in 2008, quit the series and began dating Norwegian photographer Erik Asla. Banks completed the Executive Education Training Program in February, began to come to life on the screen, established the Tyra Banks Scholarship in 1994 and starred in the round table lineup talk. Banks acts as the patron for TZONE, was raised in middle class Inglewood, retired from modeling. Modelland topped the New York Times, best Seller list. Life Banks has been on outspoken, abusive relationships. The episode was dedicated to dating violence in response. TZONE transformed from a camp into a public charity.

American television personality, Producer, Contributor of the Vogue Italia website, Executive producer, Former presenter, First, African, American woman on the covers, More face