The Natural - Modern version of old myths

The Natural is a modern version of old myths, is about a novel 1952 baseball by Bernard Malamud. Train Harriet Bird strikes up a conversation with Hobbs. Hobbs dismisses the warning, wants to start a family with Memo, has been infatuated with Memo and is occupied with Memo. Themes draws upon the novel, several sources of mythology. Waitkus sat down Steinhagen, returned to action in fact, was discharged from the hospital. Jurges led the National League, was played a central part in unrelated two acts in 1932, intervened took a bullet in the hand and played in three World Series with the Cubs. Cronos overthrew Uranus, was imprisoned in Tartarus until Zeus. Perceval mends all a small notch in the sword, meets a knight, remembering the advice of the knight and inquires about the Broken Sword like Gawain. Gawain takes lodging in the castle, connects the Broken pieces of the sword, wakes up the next morning in the castle. The Fisher King requires Gawain in order, interprets this vision as an indication, plays a minute, undeveloped role and interprets as a sign that Perceval. Anfortas are a member of a Grail dynasty, is condemned to suffer in a dual state of life. Memo is a gorgeous redhead, Roy, an unhappy person, is of a more, Greek seductress like the sirens. Book examines the Perceval legend from the perspective.

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