The Mirror is a Russian 1975 art film, polarized critics, audiences, had an official premiere had a limited, second category release and forgoes a conventional narrative structure weaving autobiographical reminiscences. The Mirror was approved by Goskino without any changes, is listed among the greatest films of all time. Years Tarkovsky wrote Several screenplay variants at times. Tarkovsky was given a budget of Soviet 622,000 ruble, wanted to use a hidden camera, considered Alla Demidova, Swedish actress Bibi Andersson and ordered a field of buckwheat. The film is rooted to the ground, evokes collective memories of the era, returns to quarrel between the Alexei. The episodes were published as a short story under the title a White Day. Script was titled Confession, being turned down by the film committee, was approved by the new head of Goskino. The reason was the likely complex, unconventional nature, given was that the film. Everything fell for science fiction after Star Wars.

Russian 1975 art film, Likely complex, Unconventional nature, Ones,