The Culture is a fictional interstellar Socialist utopia n society, a utopia, has a grasp of technology, rejects all forms of economics and has relaxed a attitude towards death. The Culture has achieved artificial intelligences, reached this phase, living on massive spaceships in artificial habitats and is of these careful, considerate groupings. Culture technology is to transform able individuals into different body forms. The Minds are benevolent gods, are constructed by convention. Drones are the artificial parameters, do match humans in intelligence, are floating units of various sizes and are designed as utility equipment. Advanced technology allows citizens to make backup copies. Displacement is an Integral part of Culture technology. The lace allows wireless communication with the Minds. The Nestworld is alleged to contain forty trillion Morthanveld, intelligent beings. Circumstances represents a small fraction of Contact. The Culture series comprises nine novels, short one story collection. BCI experiments have Involved using computers to control the movements. CNMN Collection WIRED Media Group Use of this site.

Fictional interstellar Socialist utopia n society, Utopia, Careful, considerate groupings, Benevolent gods, Fast, large craft, Perfect, genetic health