Telly Savalas - Character actor on television series

Savalas served three years in the United States Army, hosted a radio show called the Coffeehouse in 1950, was a character actor on television series and played Archer Maggott in the Dirty Dozen. Savalas performed a Voice, had a minor, physical handicap, attended an audition for the CBS anthology series Armstrong Circle Theatre in 1959 and earned a Best Supporting actor Academy Award nomination. Savalas won an Emmy, two Golden Globes, appeared in several episodes of the television series, appeared on the Australian, supernatural television show and appeared on an Australian TV show with a Extraordinary, paranormal tale. Savalas guest starred on an episode of the Equalizer. Telly Savalas was a friend of the German singer Freddy Breck, an American actor. George Savalas recorded a series of Greek folk songs. Actor Telly Savalas was born on 21 January, 1922 in Garden City. Diet Coke became the ultimate, accessible fashion accessory.

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