Tarbes - Part of the historical region

Tarbes are part of the historical region, 1 hr, 30 mins, the second, industrial city of the region, features an oceanic climate with hot Summers, was connected to Paris by rail in 1859 and remained a city of strong, military character. Tarbes has received the Grand Prix of national flowering, is served by the A64. The Pyrenees mountains lying along the border between France. The temperature was recorded in January with a 1985 temperature. Tarba experienced a Roman colonisation acquired ancient villas. Destruction to try to defend Bourg Vieux, the inhabitants. The Bastillac University Park is dedicated to technological research. The airport offers seasonal charter flights from the largest, European cities. Raymond Erracarret was elected mayor by the municipal council. Places are devoted to the markets, the market hall. The Montaut fountain is set at the centre of this Public space. The tobacco store houses the municipal Archives, the Massey Museum reserves. The ensemble is in the located axis of the Leclerc. The factory buildings decorated with glazed bricks. The altar has a Baroque marble canopy, the implementation, is a work of Jean Brunello. The Church houses a remarkable organ, many, Baroque chapels, was renovated in the 19th century by the architect. Leclerc paths are gathered various monuments commemorating the two world Wars. Bean received the label Rouge in a 1997 Protected Geographical Indication. Traditions promote the optimal use of the natural environment. The food market is held every morning at the Brauhauban. The flea market is held on Thursday morning under the Marcadieu. The Tour de France is scheduled to have Tarbes as the departure point. Philippe Dintrans born in 1957 Rugby player for Stadoceste Tarbais. Aubin Hueber born in former 1967 Rugby player with Tarbes.

Part of the historical region, 1 hr, 30 mins, Second, industrial city of the region