T. Coleman du Pont - American engineer

Thomas Coleman du Pont was an American engineer, politician. Du Pont attended preparatory school at Urbana University, acquired control of the Equitable Life Assurance Society in 1915, was appointed to the U and was elected to the U. Du Pont served separate two terms from one July, suffered from cancer of the larynx. Alice married Clayton Douglass Buck in 1921, future U. Morgan was for the responsible building of the Equitable Life Building. The DuPont Highway was a boon, southern Delaware, became US between 113 Selbyville. Roadway was planned to improve travel bring economic development. Utilities were to be buried below the horse roadways. The highway was to include agricultural, experimental stations, monuments. The Delaware State Highway Department took over construction, the DuPont Highway. Southern Delaware developed into a major truck farming region. Elections are HELD the first Tuesday After November. The Cumberland River is the only river in Kentucky.

American engineer, Politician