Stratovarius - Finnish power metal band

Stratovarius are a Finnish power metal band, found a replacement guitarist with Matias Kupiainen, recorded many, demo songs in the course and is. Tolkki held the rights, the name Stratovarius, took the songs, decided to stop acting as lead vocalist with Kotipelto. The band started auditions for a new singer, work in 2002, reached a divide with Johansson, released a demo, various record companies and supported the release of Polaris. The band played over 100 shows without any support, had to enter into a legal process, sounds in the awful. Kainulainen was replaced with Lauri Porra in the 2006 band. Sessions formed the band Revolution Renaissance using the R. Episode was a grand project featuring a large choir. Sanctuary was starting to have severe, financial problems in 2005, the whole label. Highlight was the two month Monster metal Madness tour with Shakra. The result is a melodic, powerful, fresh, tight, elaborate, new album. Nobody seemed to have any interest, had rehearsed the songs, everything, seemed to care about anything and had. The session was nothing like the recording sessions. NET does endorse guarantee the accuracy of any user comment. EXIT EDEN unites all attributes ascribed to the new millennium.

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