St. Vitus Cathedral - Prominent example of Gothic architecture

Vitus Cathedral was finished 600 years, is situated within the Prague Castle complex. The Cathedral was dedicated to Saint Vitus Until 1997, is a prominent example of Gothic architecture, 124 m by 60 m, a shrine resting the place, the national treasury, is of a third series of religious buildings and was started at the east end. Cathedral dimensions are the main tower is high, front towers. Vitus had a tremendous influence on the development, was founded in the second decade of the 10th century. Populations increasing the Christian decreasing pagan community. The master builder was a Frenchman Matthias of Arras. Sculpture was given a considerable role while Parler. The building process came to a halt with the beginning. Wenceslas Chapel protrudes into the conventional layout. Wenceslas created by Jindrich Parler, made by a Nuremburg sculptor. The altar is a Gothic statue of St, the sanctuarium, was made according to a design by Josef Emanuel Fischer. The Chapel is to the open public, stands the Baroque silver sarcophagus of St. The basilica had this triple patrocinium, the main, Bohemian patrons. Vnit n prstenec ji n, apsidy nepravideln ho opukov ho zdiva p il hal zevnit k doty n mu. Prok zal logickou skute nost star je onen vnit n prstenec. V clava ve Star Boleslavi, sv, kop m, jej origin l je uvnit kaple po Karlov n vratu. Nad hrobem K1 byla nalezena maltov dla bas obl zkov m ornamentem. V dnes zasypan sti podzem katedr, byly, nalezeny nep li jasn fragmenty zdiva snad portiku, ta a star m probo tstv m, tam je. Z padn St baziliky byla liturgicky vyu na patrn je t po r. Vystav l provizorn St nus rozetami, zakr vaj c od. Z kaple vedou schody do korunn komory ur en pro korunova n klenoty. Na prvn pohled n s, ak krom impozantnosti gotick ho ebrov upout bezpo. Mozaiky na St n ch portiku Zlat br ny vytvo il Karel Svolinsk, r. Orloj ze stejn ho obdobs dv ma cifern ky nad sebou horn ukazuje hodiny, spodn tvrthodiny. The term Cathedral has distinct two meanings in the ecclesiastical, architectural. Prague bishopric was to the elevated status of an archbishopric in 1344. Change was to be symbolised by the building of the new Cathedral. The architect changed the groundplan of the chapels, followed the first architect of the St. Cathedrals were to costly, subject, lengthy building schedules. The load bearing ribbing created a sort of skeleton construction. The entrance belongs to the part of the Cathedral, is by a design of Peter Parler. The tower is placed on the south side of the Cathedral close. The tomb is enclosed with a fine Renaissance grill. The Hasenburg Chapel is situated at the ground level of the tower. Passion cycle starts ends above the altar of the Chapel. Centre is placed the most, valuable coffin of Emperor Rudolf II. The Royal Oratory was built into the upper part of the vestibule. The Oratory is via a accessible, covered bridge from the Royal Palace.

Prominent example of Gothic architecture, 124 m by 60 m, Shrine resting the place, National treasury, Third series of religious buildings, Main tower is high, front towers