Spanish Colonial Revival architecture - United States

The Colonial Revival Style is a United States, architectural, stylistic movement. Smith designed grand, detailed hotels in the Mediterranean Revival. Architect Lilian Jeannette Rice designed the style in the development in 1920s. Spurgeon constructed Spanish 32 colonial Revival houses in Riverside California. The style arose as a response, became in popular places like Sydney suburbs Manly. Colonial Mexico City government building was remodeled in the a neocolonial 1920s companion building. Examples are the Jackling House, Lobero Theatre, exist throughout the country as such Gota. Mission houses began to appear in the wealthier suburbs. Precedents were popularized in the Western United States by the Fred Harvey. The Colonial Revival style is influenced by the American Craftsman style. Californian architecture were following the architects, John Byers Elmer Grey Reginald Johnson William Johnson Julia Morgan Wallace Neff Richard Requa Lilian Jeannette Rice Lutah Maria Riggs Clarence J.

United States, Architectural, stylistic movement