Solanum viarum - Aggressive, perennial shrub

Solanum viarum is an aggressive, perennial shrub, native Brazil. The soda apple leaf beetle has been used as an agent of biological pest control. Beetle is to native South America underwent a rigorous quarantine process, known as Gratiana boliviana. Solanaceae Source aims to provide a worldwide, taxonomic monograph of the nightshade family. The family is of considerable, economic importance. The Solanaceae Source BRAHMS database serves data on names. The fruits are mottled light like a dark, green watermelon. Viarum is a threat, the vegetable crop industry, has to become a potential, major problem throughout the southern U. Vegetable crop pathogens include the cucumber mosaic virus, gemini virus. Detection is to eliminate the paramount threat of this weed. Addition links are provided to retrieve biological records, collection information.

Aggressive, perennial shrub, Native Brazil, Threat, Vegetable crop industry