The school offers special education for students, was home, students, has a broadcasting lab, a theatre club and conducted a trip for students in 2011. The school engages the entire student body as the Orleans community, participates in a wide range of sports. Sir Wilfrid Laurier was on located Carsons Road in western Gloucester. The students came from the Carson Road, walk for the school. The kilometre walk is to symbolize the struggle for people. The Toy Mountain campaign takes place during the holiday season. The fundraiser is in partnership with Caldwell Centre. Members played three roles gave each more character. The Annie follows a young girl, opened on Broadway. Mercier curated a confident stage presence, was an ideal Miss Hannigan. Optimism is to keep essential spirits in a alive time. The Sewciety crew delivered impeccable costumes for the entire cast. The Sir Wilfrid Laurier orchestra did a superior job. The critic discussions were mentored by teacher Ashley Visser of Redeemer Christian High School.

Home, Students, Located Carsons Road in western Gloucester