Shivaji Park - Public park

Shivaji Park is a public park, has been to the integral, political gatherings of the local party Shiv Sena, demonstrates that plot boundaries and is by the maidan. The space is renowned as the cradle of Indian cricket. The maidan covers than more half, was named after a cross at the northern end. The Shivaji Park Gymkhana occupies 19,850 sq yards, the Bengal Club, known as the Dadar Hindu Gymkhana. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is shown leading the way. Lessons have been learnt from the urbane Ballard Estate. Order to preserve the grounds from the depredations. Walls form blind corners, ready scaffolding for easy encroachment, create narrow, undefined spaces. The police expect a crowd of three four lakh, has issued a traffic advisory. The Shiv Sena chief died on Saturday afternoon after a prolonged illness. South is the picturesque cricket maidan in the city.

Public park, Maidan, Icon of the Shiv Sena