The school caters for 1,200 students from Early Learning, went through a number of owners. The College is a full member of the Round Square association, has 1200 students, was renamed for this building. Scotch Oakburn College is the full member of Round Square, an independent, private school in Launceston. The amalgamation process was chaired by local physician Dr John Morris. The campus features a number of beautiful, old oak trees, has a modern feel today at the same time. The classroom area is on the located, eastern end of the campus. Summer months boarders have access, the swimming pool. School day morning boarders are bussed to the Penquite campus in turn busses. The Penquite Campus has seen a lot of building development, is situated on both sides of Penquite Road. Briggs House is located on the eastern end of the campus. Saint Andrews named after the patron saint of Scotland. The building includes the Japanese, French classrooms as several, specialised science laboratories. The Bruce Carter Administration Building named after the inaugural Principal of the amalamated College. The Middle School provides a bridge between primary school. The Scotch Oakburn Middle School is for students in Year. Scotch Oakburn is the only, Tasmanian school to be a member, offers a wide range of scholarships.

Full member of the Round Square association, Full member of Round Square, Independent, private school in Launceston, Only, Tasmanian school to be a member, Students in Year