Schaffer collaterals are axon collaterals, the axons of pyramidal cell s, alter the development of the limbic system, affect the hippocampus to develop short, long term. Synapses contain fewer Schaffer collateral branches than those synapses. The Schaffer collateral affects whether the target cells fire action, is between the located CA3 region. Schaffer collateral axons develop excitatory synapse s. The cortex sends the main input, the dentate gyrus. The CA3 region sends information through Schaffer collateral. Schaffer collateral synapses have been used as a sample synapse. The hippocampus are a part of the feedback process. Neuropsin has a regulatory effect on Schaffer collateral LTP. SK2 immunoparticles were observed within intracellular membrane s.

Axon collaterals, Axons of pyramidal cell s, Located CA3 region