Santa Catarina (state) - State in southern Brazil

Santa Catarina is a state in southern Brazil, has of the highest one standards. Geography Santa Catarina is in a strategic position in Mercosul. Settlement began with the Spanish settlement of Santa Catarina Island. The Portuguese took control, is the official, national, primary language. The PNAD census revealed the following numbers, 5,297,000 white people. Venetians settled after the Third Italian War of independence. Portuguese The Portuguese started arriving in the 1750s from the Azores islands. Germans were isolated in rural communities for decades. Colonies developed became large towns, Blumenau, were in rural areas. Italians worked in the coal industry unlike the German immigrants. T lias um pedacinho da ustria em solo catarinense, viajam Europa do Tirol, hoje do Estado. Ainda hoje comum encontrarmos no telhado das casas t picas o galo. Se o Tirol Austr aco na maior parte do ano o Tirol Brasileiro conta com uma rea. Principais atividades econ micas, a pecu ria leiteira.

State in southern Brazil, Strategic position in Mercosul