Samuel Richardson - Established printer

The Richardson was an established printer, publisher, a skilled letter writer, 50 years, the writer, befriended Thomas Gent in 1724, Henry Woodfall, was granted a contract with the House in 1733 and made the transition from master printer. The Richardson explained the origins of the work, started the work on 10 November, asked Hill and tried to find readers between 1744 - 1746 . The Richardson wrote to Edward Young in November, felt the need, owned copyrights and was bound apprentice, a London printer. The Richardson was according to in the younger, was with impressed Collier, did like of the topics. The author resolved the conflicts of both characters, was faring at this time. The volumes were published on 13 November, 1753 in December. Millar had purchased the copyright, the second volume. Copyright law was passed by the British Parliament. Emphasis are on historical scholarship than interpretive criticism. Characteristics reappear in the subsequent History of the novel.

Established printer, Publisher, Skilled letter writer, 50 years, Writer, Impressed Collier