Rowde - Village

Rowde is a village, civil parish, remained Crown property until the end, the possession of the dukes, was sold by the queen. The manor was in the hands of the king, belonged to in the 1760 Duke of Marlborough. The trustees appointed under the will of the first Duke. Sir Edward Baynton became steward of the Devizes estate. Edward Hope is described in the parish register of Rowde. The rectory manor was granted to in 1537 Sir Edward Baynton. The abbot had presented to the vicarage before this time. Advowson was granted to Sir Edward Baynton in 1537. The conveyance was to a subject provision for reverter. Land was said to produce no income in 1834, was conveyed by the Revd. The charity Commissioners had been urging the trustees to sell the property, had for some time. Payments had been made from the field since 1808 George Bythesea. Legacy was the void land descended to John Baynton Starkey.

Village, Civil parish, Civil parish