Rhamnus (genus) - Genus

Flowers have 4 5 Stamens, fascicled in yellowish, green, small, bisexual, unisexual, polygamous, solitary, few, axillary cymes. The seeds have fleshy endosperm, eject from the endocarps. Distribution Rhamnus has a cosmopolitan distribution with 150 species. Cathartica was introduced into the United States as a garden shrub. The species are to related R, was used in ancient, Mediterranean cultures for medicinal purposes. Rhamnus alaternus are an evergreen tree, the native Mediterranean, an evergreen, an dioecious, invasive tree along coastlines, is used in reforestation programs in the Mediterranean. Alaternus are in the dioecious, is to establish Under able, light shade in full sun. Plants were found to have greater growth rates than females, were found to produce fruit, every other year. The Auckland Regional Council uses basal treatment.

Genus, Evergreen tree, Native Mediterranean, Evergreen, Dioecious, invasive tree along coastlines