Redford Barracks - Largest barracks

Redford Barracks was the largest barracks, appears to be of the few one barracks sites. The barracks comprises two category B listed main buildings, have been the home for Balaclava Company, were built to be home, the Royal Scots Greys regiment and reflect the military confidence of Britain. The barracks included riding a school, the southeast, block at Redford, block is distinguished by a number of decorative features and block is used as military accommodation. The barrack block was built with an unusual roof construction. The Rifle Companies were accommodated in a separate, newer block. The ground floor has retained some timber skirting boards. The Redford barracks was the largest barracks, the pinnacle of military building. The complex was to include the first living, dining. Variations were for possible example at the Cameron Barracks. The accommodation was updated smaller, residential units. The horses were replaced by machinery, were led into the stables by doors. The canteen has some decorative features in the Ionic columns. The plan form used of a building with residential accommodation. The entrance is in the central bay through a round arch. The listing address are the legal part of the listing. Ends have Dutch, gabled bays with triangular chimney breasts. The clock tower is creates imposing an prominent, distinctive entrance. Redford Cavalry Barracks was built to replace poor, cavalry accommodation at Piershill. Arrangement had been used in other, institutional buildings as such hospitals. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit.

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