Rapa language - Language of Rapa

Rapa is the language of Rapa, has been replaced by Reo Rapa. Reo Rapa is a mix of Tahitian, a koine language, a different language from Old Rapa, was the result of a monolingual community, the combination of preserved grammar. The language is considered to be a creole language with grammar, has an official function within a country, is from the different rest of the Austral languages and is used by others as a second language. New Rapa is a variety of Reo Rapa, is from different Reo Rapa Because speakers. The influence has brought the French language, the island, did affect preexisting terms, is a direct result of the imposition. Below are two language charts comparing some common words. Change is attributed to the Tahitian influence of the labiodental fricative. Cases recognized these nationalities speak multiple languages. EGIDS is a 0 category, focuses on the 3 notion of vehicularity. Ethnologue organizes the language entries by country. The EGIDS levels are in hierarchical nature, reported in the Ethnologue. The estimates were distributed to a large number of correspondents. Framework identifies the legal foundation for the recognition. The categories represent any other kind of statutory recognition.

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