Rammellzee was a visual artist, graffiti writer, an occasional member of the Death Comet Crew, performed at Knitting Factory with guitarist Buckethead, became known in graffiti circles in the late 1970s. Life Rammellzee was born in far Rockaway in the borough. Work has been shown in art galleries throughout the US. Life Rammellzzee was married to Carmela Zagari Rammellzee. The structure x holds fusion according to this formation. The Futurism is Panzerism design a subconscious development. The Nymphism is a practice, shows the only technique of wild stylisms. Government is ALLOWED to STEAL subconscious symbols. The knowledge is scattered throughout Van Allen Belt in minute knowledge particles, is in the future, be in the reborn. Humans being disease culture spirtis being gaseous energy. Death is remanuplation be electromagnetic knowledge energy. TAG are stabbing a unreadable harpoon, pulsator technique. Stylisms are semibased on Bubble BOMBERISM subconscious. Wild Stylisms are incomplete outline constructions. CEREBREMIC NEUTRON HARPOON holds complete thought processes, constructions. Interviews requests were granted with frequent Rammellzee.

Visual artist, Graffiti writer, Occasional member of the Death Comet Crew