Pseudowintera - Genus of woody evergreen flowering trees

Pseudowintera is a genus of woody evergreen flowering tree s. Horopito is a shrub, small tree, was used by Maori for a variety, is being used as a seasoning in modern New Zealand cuisine and grows to about 10 metres in height. Pseudowintera axillaris are known as the lowland Horopito. Pseudowintera traversii is a compact shrub up one metre. Polygodial has been tested as a effective inhibitor of Candida albicans. Use Horopito leaves are used in cooking in a variety. The leaves are dried ground to form a powder, are pocked with holes. Kawakawa is to the related, Polynesian kava plant, is found in coastal, lowland forests throughout the North Island.

Genus of woody evergreen flowering tree s, Compact shrub up one metre