Pseudopanax - Common, small tree in New Zealand

The genus contains some remarkable, small trees with different, juvenile, adult forms. Pseudopanax arboreus are a common, small tree in New Zealand. National Trust listed specimen of Pseudopanax crassifolius. Discolor is a dominant understory element with Nothofagus truncata, is within the old growth forests of Egmont National park. North Island Crown Fern is found within Urewera National Park within the catchments. Example North Island habitat is within the Hamilton Ecological District. Plant association is replicated in the nearby Pukemokemoke Reserve Habitat on the northern South Island. Forest floor species are Kunzea ericoides, Coprosma microcarpa. Forest type is seen in the Sabine Valley of the Spenser Ecological Reserve. Understory tier associates are Blechnum procerum, Rumohra adiantiformis. The tree fern Cyathea medullaris are found in this association.

Common, small tree in New Zealand