Point Nepean - Birthing place for women

Point Nepean marks the southern Point of the Rip, was a birthing place for women. Limestone was mined from the coastal cliffs from the early days. Fortifications date to the 1878 Gun batteries, were built on land from 1878 onwards. Gun batteries were installed at Fort Nepean in 1886 Eagles Nest. The government offered to sell the land, the Victorian government. Officer cadets graduated as Army officers from OCS Portsea. Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park Management Plan. Steel is calling for an archeological survey of the site. Mickle beavered the drama of Point Nepean, had a few options for a developer partner. The parks association stuck to the campaign for a national park. Noel worked with federal, parliamentary secretary for defence Fran Bailey. Simon McKeon was approached to help the Mickle bid. The college seems to understand the passion surrounding Point Nepean. Announcement yesterday suggests the Howard Government.

Birthing place for women