Pleven Panorama - Biggest 7 town in Bulgaria

The panorama expanded existing the Skobelev Park, opened to the public on 10 December, was created by 13 Russia N and focuses on the events of the third battle. The battle was for the bloodiest, Russian forces with 20,000 losses. The Pleven Panorama was constructed in honor of the centennial. Pleven had 3101 houses with the population in 1871, is the th biggest 7 town in Bulgaria, is of the largest, Bulgarian One towns with a millennium history and is in the located, very heart of Miziya. Pleven was conquered set on fire by the Wallachian Voivoda Mihail Vityaz. Skobelev leading the attack against the Turkish fortifications. The town put up a ferocious resistance, the Turkish invaders, is a Regional center, became on the famous Balkan Peninsula in Anatolia and grew up after the Liberation. The assault was held on 30th July despite the numerous victims. Monuments remind to the generations about the sanguinary battles, is the early, Christian basilica of IV century of One. The iconostasis was acknowledged at the Paris exposition. The investigations speak for large scale construction of administrative, military, religious buildings. The basilica is has a preserved, historical significance. Fandakova cited data of the National Statistical Institute. The International Panorama Council is the international organization of panorama specialists. Term was coined in the 18th century for an extraordinary, visual spectacle.

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