Pinus brutia - Popular, ornamental tree

Pinus brutia pine is pine to a Turkish, native, eastern, Mediterranean region. Subspecies Pinus brutia pine is to Turkish, related Aleppo pine Canary Island. Eldarica is treated as a distinct species by persons. Brutia is adapted to a climate with winter rainfall. Cultivation Pinus brutia is a popular, ornamental tree. The subspecies eldarica is the most drought, tolerant form. Needle monoterpene profiles show negligible differences between var. Needle flavonoids show substantial differences between all three taxa. Regeneration is by windblown seed dispersal after fire, happens to be in the poor, first 2 years after fire. Pendulifolia occurs scattered in southwest Turkey with the mixed type. Conservation measures undertaken at national levels. Measures include clonal archives, cold storage seed banks. Populations require specific attention, appropriate forestry practice.

Popular, ornamental tree