Pelargonium - Genus of flowering plants

Geranium is the Botanical name of a separate genus. Pelargonium species are evergreen perennials to temperate indigenous, tropical regions, are used as food plants by the larva. Description Pelargonium occurs in a large number of growth forms. Flowers appear from the centre, are in single mauve. The petals are differentiated from the upper two petals. The leaves are alternate, lobed pinnate on long stalks, are variegated in the lobed, toothed, incised. Taxonomy Pelargonium is the second, largest genus within the Geraniaceae family. Circumscription Pelargonium is distinguished from the other genera in the Geraniaceae family. Subdivision De Candolle proposed dividing the genus into 12 sections. Sections were assigned to the new subgenera, provide a convenient way, contain species. The nomenclature has changed since the first plants, is used in horticulture in North America. Distribution Pelargonium is a large genus within the Geraniaceae family. English gardener John Tradescant bought the elder seeds from Rene Morin in 1631. Botanist Liberty Hyde Bailey introduced new two terms for Zonal in 1916. Pelargoniums resemble upright, scented leaf pelargoniums. PAGS is the International Cultivar Registration Authority of the International Society. Abbreviations indicate Royal Horticultural Society usage. The Royal Horticultural Society has created description codes. Zonal pelargoniums have many flower types, are derived from tetraploid P. The colouring is attributed to the contribution of P. Varieties tend to have elongated larger, triangular petals, have bicolour foliage. The cup shaped petals to resemble a open, miniature Tulip. Angel pelargoniums Angel pelargoniums are to similar Regal pelargoniums. Angels have the appearance of a small Regal, have grown in popularity in the last 30 years. Hybrisers have managed to obtain many, new flower colour breaks, tighter growth habits. Species pelargoniums have a large diversity of characteristics. Chemistry Pelargonin is a petal pigment of the scarlet Pelargonium. Contact Contributing Library to verify copyright status. People have studied the plants in the genus Pelargonium.

Genus of flowering plant s, Second, largest genus within the Geraniaceae family, Large genus within the Geraniaceae family, Evergreen perennials to temperate indigenous, tropical regions