Pauline Bonaparte - First, sovereign Duchess of Guastalla

Pauline Bonaparte was the first, sovereign Duchess of Guastalla. Pauline gave birth, a boy, was a interesting woman, gobbled up men, splendid clothes and stayed in Paris with Dermide. Pauline was left aboard the flagship, lived in a villa near the Porta Pia, died of cancer at age. Leclerc attempted to convince Pauline to return to Paris, tended to mutiny, Pauline, was relocated Upon arrival. Napoleon seized power in coup, wished to restore French authority organized an expedition, made mistakes suffered setbacks and was born in Ajaccio. Celebrations were dampened by the advent of yellow fever season. Princess Borghese Pauline reached the Bay of Toulon. Russians refused to surrender torching Moscow forcing Napoleon.

First, sovereign Duchess of Guastalla, Interesting woman