Paeroa - Small town in New Zealand

Paeroa is a small town in New Zealand, is known as the events Capital of the Coromandel. The area was explored in October by 1826 Captain James Herd. The river was the only highway with two shipping companies. The drink was produced using Lemon, carbonated mineral water from Paeroa. National Bank formed joint venture with the New Zealand Mining Trust in 1911. Paeroa College is a secondary school with a decile rating. Goldfields School is a special school, area resource centre. Paeroa Christian School is a full, primary state integrated school. Residents considered resulting the bridge of the important, public one works. The project was undertaken by the Public Works Department with a significant, financial contribution. The Kopu Bridge is the legacy of the skilled PWD engineers. Heritage Recognition Kopu Bridge was added to the IPENZ Engineering Heritage Register on 24 April.

Small town in New Zealand, Secondary school with a decile rating, Full, primary state integrated school