Oyala Thumotang National Park - Remote park suited to visitors

The Oyala Thumotang National Park is a remote park suited to visitors. The park occupies 381,000 hectares from the McIlwraith Range foothills, has no tracks, visitors, is in located, central Cape York Peninsula. The ha area covered in dry, open, eucalypt woodlands. Flooding occurs in the wetter months in the dryer months stream flow. Lagoons covered in waterlilies with fringed forest. Section includes following the camp sites, Night Paddock Lagoon, is on the located Coen River floodplain. Archer Bend section includes following the camp sites, Governors Waterhole, is bordered by the Archer River. The locations include Langi Lagoon, Old Archer Crossing.

Remote park suited to visitors, Located, central Cape York Peninsula