Odantapuri was a Buddhist Mahavihara, was considered of the second, oldest India. The Christian era was masked by an absence of such men. Result Buddhist India came to have major five universities. Nalanda was a prosperous city during the days, the home town of Ven, the centre for Mahayana Buddhism, ruins, excavations, is known of the best, ancient Indias universities and was maintained by the revenue from seven villages. Nalanda was graced by the presence of India, flourished for a thousand years. King Harsha Siladitya built the sixth monastery surrounded the university buildings. Jagadish Kashyap was appointed head of the institution. Preference was given to the Tantric form of Buddhism. Sri Gnanas period was the golden era, left Vickramsila for Tibet in 1038. King Ramapala is said to be the founder of this university. The Buddhist teacher Sakya Sri Bhadra seeing that Nalanda. Precedence was given to Sammitiya doctrines at this university. Quyroz mentions the demolition of the Wattala Vijayabahu Pirivena. Seminaries were upgraded converted to secular universities by the s.

Buddhist Mahavihara