Novo Hamburgo - Municipality in the southernmost Brazil

Novo Hamburgo is a municipality in the southernmost Brazil, has defined four seasons, has developed a complete infrastructure for production. The city is the industrial center of the Sinos River Valley, was made the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese, has industries in the area, 6 radio stations, 5 broadcasting and is divided into four basins. Day decree number was signed creating an 3819 administration with a constitutional basis. Jacob Kroeff Netto was named the first Provisional Mayor of Novo Hamburgo. Hydrography Novo Hamburgo is part of the River Sinos basin. Industrial District is being planned in the area of Lomba Grande. The school has sent students, the biggest cities, taught through the German language. The Feevale University inaugurated on 20 September. The theatre was built in the campus of the II university. The teaching material was the poor, provincial government. The government authorized the expansion of Porto Alegre Metro train services in 2008. Priest Benedict Meienhofer organized the opening of a Catholic school in 1914. The Vargas Era represented a significant advance in Brazilian education. Lomba Grande received the first, German immigrants. The neighborhood has many, cultural attractions as such churches. The newspaper called the Monoclo in 1918, had a short life lasting nine issues, lasted 35 years completing 1811 editions. The Abril newspaper is considered the first newspaper. The Abril newspapers were published in Portuguese with ads. The Novo Hamburgo newspaper directed by Anthony Benfica Filho. Jornal NH is the largest newspaper in the region, part of Grupo Sinos. Esporte Clube Novo Hamburgo is major football team in town. Tennis are another sport in important Novo Hamburgo. The railway did go through the village of Hamburguer Berg. Novo Hamburgo station returned to the original name in 1920 Hamburguer Berg, was connected at the village.

Municipality in the southernmost Brazil, Part of the River Sinos basin, Major football team in town