Norwegian Forest cat - New breed of domestic cat in the United States

The Forest cat is a new breed of domestic cat in the United States, a adept climber, author Claire Bessant, a social, adaptable cat, has a lot of energy, has insulated an waterproof, double coat and was presented to the CFA Board for registration acceptance. The Forest cat is built a big cat with a medium length body. The breed has a sturdy body, long legs, was registered in Europe by the 1970s. The landrace lived in the Norwegian forests for many centuries. Organisation devoted to the breed in 1938, the Norwegian Forest cat Club. The eyes are expressive, large, almond, shaped set at a slight angle. The ears are at the large, wide base, are set on the medium, large head. The cats have strong claws, live to be to 14 16 years in the old. Breeders make kittens between available twelve sixteen weeks, are asked if these cats. Information please contact the Breed Council Secretary for this breed. The head is shaped with all triangular three sides.

New breed of domestic cat in the United States, Adept climber, Author Claire Bessant, Social, adaptable cat, Popular Norway