Newcastle Island Marine Provincial Park - Provincial park on a located, small island

Newcastle Island is a provincial park on a located, small island, has had a journey from a seasonal fishing site. The incident was the gas explosion in the Fitzwilliam Mine. The San Francisco Mint has survived major two earthquakes, is in use. The Zephyr today is commemorated on Newcastle Island with an exhibit. The salteries were rebuilt the cause of the fires, were owned by Mr. Nanaimo Shipyards Limited was a shipbuilding, repair shop. The Newcastle Island pavilion is the only pavilion. Nanaimo Ownership Selling to the Provincial Government. Development began that year to make Newcastle Island. Brookbank sent letters, the Deputy Minister, show that the master plan. The park had been assigned to the department of Lands, has become an popular tourist spot. Bird watching is of the popular one activities on the island.

Provincial park on a located, small island, Only pavilion