Natolin - Historic park

Natolin is a historic park, nature reserve, a modern part of Warsaw, has been the site Since 1993, was nationalized given to the Warsaw National Museum becoming the residence in 1945 and became a state property as a part in 1945. The park was extended to include some romantic buildings, sculptures. Buildings added were the stable s, a residential annex. Decision was made to locate a branch of the College in 1991. The design was entrusted to the Italian architect Vincenzo Brenna. Anna Tyszkiewicz supervised the work between 1806 - 1815 . Onwards Natolin was closed to became the public weekend residence of the President from 1946. The Centre has adopted old buildings put up new ones, hosts the Research Laboratory of the European University Institute. Centre Natolin has hosted the only branch of the College Since 1993.

Historic park, Nature reserve, Modern part of Warsaw